First Feedback (topic minimum length must be 15 chars...)

Mobile (registration) experience seems good. Will play around some more once I’m near a PC again (weekend).

What topic minimum length would be reasonable?

Good question. Didn’t mean to question the limit, but for this test topic I had to add something.
I think a minimum length is reasonable to avoid masses of “Question” topics.

I assume the Discourse defaults will have some history, so I would suggest starting with these?

Hi @SuperQ,

I’ve changed this default to 5 or 10 in my past setups. This allows users to still write “thank you” but prevents spam. Discourse + Akismet with the trust level & “users typing too fast” spam detection is really strong already. :slight_smile:


@dnsmichi That sounds like a min post length, not topic titles.

The current settings are

  • Minimum post length: 20
  • Minimum topic title length: 15

I think changing the min post length to 10 is reasonable.

Good job, Prometheus! THIS is how a product support forum should work!

I have some suggestions for organization. You have one category for “Prometheus Server” but IMO that is an overly broad category. May I suggest sub-topics of

  • Installation
  • Visualizations (this may not be appropriate as the preeminent viz tool is Grafana . . . not your product to support. OTOH, Prom and Graf are so tightly associated, maybe you do want a place where people can compare notes?)
  • Alert Manager
  • Scaling for large environments
  • Container Metrics
  • Instrumenting

Under exporters, perhaps a subcategory for 3rd Party Exporters? If you anticipate a particular 3rd party exporter might generate a lot of traffic, it may be helpful to be broken off into a separate sub-cat, like you did for snmp and node exporters.

Great start! I hope you will direct product discussions and queries over here. Is it possible to migrate what you have out of Groups and into this platform?

best regards,


Please start a new thread for sub-topic ideas.

@SuperQ Indeed, my coffee vs. tired level hit me here. I think 10 is reasonable for the post body count.

In past setups, I have installed a plugin which shows the required characters in the editor at the bottom. Mostly because users asked all the time :slight_smile:

Discourse now has built-in controls for this. There’s a min body/title entropy. Currently it’s set to 7 for body, 10 for title.

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I think that @dnsmichi plugin will actually print the number of required characters so you don’t need to click reply to see it does not work.

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Yep, exactly. It is a minimal visible change at the bottom, allowing users to see “live”. It avoids frustration, and encourages to e.g. use the like button, instead of “thanks” or “+1” replies.

Below’s screenshot has 20 characters required which changes live as you type.

That’s the post length requirement, not the entropy. I changed it from 20 to 15.