Prometheus only monitors itself and ignores the config


I hope someone can help me with a problem.
Prometheus seems to ignore the contents of the config file for me.

My plan is to use HWinfo and PromDapter to send the data from my PC to my Raspberry and then have Grafana display it to me on the PC.

HWinfo and PromDapter work fine. I can access the data in the network without problems via IP+Port. With Prometheus, however, there are problems.

On the Raspberry I have set up prometheus via Docker and Portainer and can confirm that it works. The config is also stored in /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml and should be read according to the logs. However, when I go to the prometheus web interface, under targets I only see instance=“localhost:9090” and job=“prometheus” instead of the job I had entered in the config.

Since I am completely new to prometheus it would be nice if someone could look over my settings and see if I missed something.

My config:

scrape_interval: 15s
evaluation_interval: 15s


  • job_name: pc_typhus
    scrape_interval: 1s
    • targets: [‘’]