Snmp_exporter - Error scraping target


I’m dealing with a problem where snmp_exporter would time out ( after 3 retries) while trying to collect metrics from a target which is an Asus router running snmpd.

The snmp_exporter is installed on a Linux box with its own snmp.yml ( part of the linux-amd64 pkg). The snmpwalk works from the same host.

I thought the snmp.yml is probably not right so tried to use the generator but it failed due to unable to walk an OID.

Is there a way I can use the existing yml and make it work somehow? Am I missing something?

Please advise,

It all depends on your hardware. Some equipment devices are really slow.

Could you try a manual scrape with curl against the snmp_exporter?

It could also be a firewall dropping the traffic.

What did you try to debug this?

I think I need to reconstruct the ym based what I get via snmpwalk. There are no official MIBs available on the router. I’ve installed net-snmp agent on it.


Just to give you an idea about how slow it can be, I had compute hardware from one vendor that needed 30 minutes to do a complete walk.