Trace-route exporter for Promehteus

Hi all,

I have been given a task to capture the trace route of the FQDN or IP. After spending lots of time over the internet, I am posting a question here because I could not find the solution yet.

There is an exporter available in GitHub for trace-route but it only count the hop. But I need to see the detail of each hope.

Grafana provide the Synthetic Monitoring for trace route which is paid and available in Grafana cloud.

Is there any exporter similar to Synthetic Monitoring and Grafana dashboard available in the store for Trace-route?


As Prometheus is a metric system it is only able to deal with numeric data, so the number of hops or the total duration are the sort of metrics I’d expect such an exporter to expose. If you are wanting to see the actual output from your traceroute you’d need an event/log storage system, such as Loki or Elasticsearch.

Did you find a related solution? I’m doing this too recently